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Menstrual and fertility calendar


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WomanLog is an app that has been designed to keep control of your menstrual cycle. In order to do so it comes with many different features which help you keep tabs on your different moods, sexual encounters, when to take the pill, etc.

The app also lets you keep a daily track of all the elements mentioned in the first paragraph. In other words, you can note down when you had sexual relations (with a heart), when you took the pill (a pill), or what your mood is like (a face).

Apart from all this you can also create and view a complete graph with basal temperature and weight, two elements which you can easily note down on your device and which you can then keep a good track of.

Among the app's most interesting features is the option of modifying what it looks like. You can add many different 'skins' to change the color of the calendar and make it look more like how you are feeling.

The app comes with a password protection system which lets you keep all of the intimate information stored on your personal calendar secure.

Thanks to WomanLog, women can now keep a detailed log of everything related to their periods and their sexuality. A must-have for the more active woman!
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