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The feminine calendar that you need


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WomanLog Calendar is an application designed to keep perfect track of your menstrual cycle. It gives you tons of features to help you keep track of your moods, sexual relations, contraceptive methods, and more.

The application allows you to take daily notes about these details, marking them with icons - a heart for sexual relations, a pill for pill contraceptives, and a face for mood.

You can also create and consult a complete chart with your personal data for basal temperature and weight, two elements that are easy to note and will help complete your records.

Among some of the application's most interesting features is the ability to change the app's appearance. You can try out different skins to change the calendar's color and match the design to your own style or mood.

The application can be password-protected, to keep your intimate information secure.

WomanLog is a good application to help women keep track of everything related with their period and sexual activity.